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Welcome Message by the Chancellor

It is a source of great pleasure and satisfaction for me to see that SIMT has now started marching towards new horizons with the aim of exploring new avenues in education.

We are trying to provide a well-educated, professionally well-skilled and technically advanced new generation   read more...
Muhammad Asif Farooqui
Chancellor & Chairman

News & Events


SIMT Research Journal Out
Our research journal namely Research Journal for Science, Information & Technology (RJSIMT) ISSN# 2415-2919, Vol. 1, No. 1, has been published with an impressive hard cover and eye catching look. It contains six articles that are peer reviewed by two experts each. The research pages are all colourful.


Board of Faculty meeting held
Boards of Faculty (including Board of Studies) meetings of Sindh Institute of Management & Technology were held on different occasions. Faculties including (i) Business Administration and Commerce (ii) Social Sciences and (iii) Computer Science drew experts from various renowned educational institutions. Their reviews in general were positive. The Scheme of studies and curriculum were instantly approved.


Academic Council Meeting
First meeting of Academic Council of Sindh Institute of Management & Technology will be held on Monday 27th February, 2017.


Computer Lab

Technical Labs

Library/HEC Digital Library


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Memorable Glimpses of Landmarking Event of HEC Inspection of Sindh Institute of Management and Technology led by Charismatic leader Chancellor/Chairman SIR Mr.Muhammad Asif Farooqui.

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